Sunday, September 27, 2009

Battle Chicken: Season 2, episode 1

On Saturday, Sept. 26, Iron Chef Brooklyn returned from summer hiatus. It was a long but wonderful day, with a great showing by both teams. Here are the results!

Dave and Cybele, Dish #1:
Chicken Sausage dumplings

Battle Chicken began with a bang—cripsy fried dumplings! These tasty little morsels were crunchy, and full of chicken and cilantro.

Dave and Cybele, Dish #2:
Chicken Parmesan Balls

Dave returns after the Iron Chef summer hiatus with a bang. The "king of balls" presented a deconstructed chicken parmesan. This ball of ground chicken was filled with mozzarella, fried until crispy, and served with super-garlicky garlic bread, a house-made tomato sauce, and a fresh basil leaf. I must admit, he had me at fried and cheesy...

Dave and Cybele, Dish #3:
Chicken Enchiladas with Guacamole

Cybele hit it out of the park with this rich dish, chicken enchiladas topped with tomatillo sauce and filled with pulled chicken and roasted poblano peppers.

Dave and Cybele, Dish #4:
The Sloppy Jose

This sandwich was filled with grilled chicken marinated in cilantro sauce, lettuce, tomato, poached onions, and "special sauce." It was sandwiched between two tostones (fried plantains) and served on a banana leaf with an olive-topped toothpick speared through it.

Olga and Boris, Dish #1:
Chicken Soup with Pierogi

This light chicken broth was studded with thick carrots and celery, and topped with a generous amount of fragrant dill. But the real show stopper was the pierogi. Made from Boris' mother's recipe, it was filled with chicken, boiled egg, and sauteed onions and was tasty as can be.

Olga and Boris, Dish #2:
Chicken schnitzel with avocado salad

Boris shows his chicken-cooking skills with this juicy, tender chicken breast. It was served with an avocado and egg salad—yet another clever inclusion of chicken eggs into a dish.

Olga and Boris, Dish #3:
Chicken stroganoff with rice

Olga and Boris took this cafeteria classic to new heights with a subtle sour cream and onion sauce.

Olga and Boris, Dish #4:
Hawaiian Chicken

The final dish of the day was, appropriately, the sweetest of all. A teriyaki-marinated chicken breast is served topped with bright, sweet pineapple.

In the end, Battle Chicken involved two totally different meals, with different global perspectives and flavors.

Once again, Dave and Cybele reigned supreme. Stay tuned for the November game, when they play Sherri and Becky in Battle Thanksgiving.

As you can see, little Casey is already getting excited about watching his Mom's return from maternity leave....